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The Day & Night Roller Blind by Harmony Blinds of Bristol is a stunning alternative to the classic venetian or roller blind, combining the ideal balance of privacy and light control with the fashionable, eye-catching trend of bold stripes and colour blocking. Our dual day night roller blinds allow you to team up a sunscreen blind or translucent blind with a block out fabric (Metroshade, Focus, or any one of our extensive range of fabrics in our custom made section) for additional protection against sun-fading.

We prevent any chance of the roll tube bowing or bending which means your blinds wont end up with wavy fabric or creases. There are over 40 fabrics that all have different textures, colours and patterns. Sunscreen blinds also allow you to have your privacy during the day whilst cutting out the suns glare.

These blinds are somewhat of a hybrid between roller blinds and Venetian blinds, taking the best of both worlds and incorporating the two. Designed and assembled in Canada and the U.S., backed by a Lifetime Limited Warranty, our sheers, shades, honeycombs, blinds and shutters can be customized with lifting systems for added safety and convenience.

These new designs have given Roller Blinds to same light filtering options you would only normally get from Vertical Blinds and Venetian Blinds. By combining two pleated fabrics, and in effect creating two blinds in one, you have complete control over light, shade, heat, and privacy.

Our Day Night Blinds (Dou Fabric) offer a stunning alternative to both conventional roller blind, voile and curtains. Double roller blinds are an excellent combination of a blockout blind coupled with a screen fabric, two of our most popular blinds. Pleated Shades control light and offer privacy while beautifully accenting your RV interior.

If you are day night shades looking for a particular window blind that is able to draw light in yet able to give privacy too and not complicated, then you'll probably want to ask about our Day and Night Blinds, Dual Shade Blinds also known as Zebra Blinds - which is gaining popularity in Singapore homes.

Whilst combining the ideal balance of privacy and light control with the fasionable, eye-catching trend of bold stripes and colour blocking. Duette® window blinds have been created to provide you with greater control over both light and privacy, which can be major issues in any home.

Why these roller blinds have this curious name? Control light and privacy with small adjustment of your shade, a fabric roller that controls light and privacy like a Venetian Blind. The WATERFALL COLLECTION is a particularly luxurious collection of day night blinds.

Using the highest quality materials our skilled craftsmen have been handcrafting blinds and shutters to your exact requirements in the UK for over 25 years. The nighttime colors we offer are all opaque, so you can benefit from complete privacy whether it's the middle of the night or day.

This ensures that when you put the blind into the closed position you get complete privacy as the opaque section is larger than the mesh. Motorised day and night blinds can be operated with either a remote control or switch installed on the wall. We have seen first hand that these blinds externally have an amazing impact on the look of a building, as they are naturally an eye catching product.

Whatever time it is, our Day and Night blinds are designed to give you exactly what you need. Quality of blinds are amazing and staff were fantastic. The most important task you have to complete if you want your shades and blinds to have the optimal effect is to measure your windows.

Two blinds, one easy mechanism combines blockout fabrics with SunScreen sheers for tons of choice. These aesthetically pleasing day and night blinds help to keep your interior space cool and comfortable while protecting and extending the lifespan of your décor and furnishings.

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